Terms & Conditions

The Savvy Business Village (“SBV”)  Venture Mentors Programme offers the opportunity to any experienced person to be a trusted advisor (“Mentor”) to ventures / entrepreneurs in our SBV Programme, deal pipeline or portfolio companies. 

Savvy Venture Partners (SVP) believes that Venture Mentors will experience the fulfilling reward of becoming an advisor to an emerging entrepreneur and seeing the founder(s) and business flourish over time. Mentees will in this process also reap the reward of the counsel, mentor’s experience and additional business support offered by Savvy.

The Programme is subject to the terms and conditions as set out below. The applicant (whether as Mentor or Venture Mentee (“you/your”) should take time to read the terms and conditions and pay special attention to all the terms printed in bold.

If considered necessary, the Team reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions by providing reasonable prior notice.

The members of the Team will be responsible to assess and approve all applications. 


    1. In order to register for the SBV Mentors Programme, you must, –
      1. register your profile on the following website: www.savvyvp.com/venturementors (“Website”) and indicate that you apply to become a Mentor; and
      2. submit your online application and accept the terms and conditions after you have read them.
    2. You may only register once as either Mentor and must provide accurate and truthful information. You consent thereto that the Team may verify any information provided by you with third parties.
    3. To become a Mentor, you may be required to provide proof of your experience and your qualifications and/or be an award winner or thought leader within your industry. In essence, you must be an experienced and trusted advisor, and be able and willing to communicate what you know, to a Venture Mentee.
    4. As part of your online application, you will be requested to, amongst others, submit a short motivation, your curriculum vitae (“CV”) / Business Profile and proof of qualifications (to the extent applicable), as well as a minimum of one reference.
    5. If your application is successful the Team will notify you using the contact details you provided during the application process. The Savvy Venture Partners’ Team may publish the names of the Mentors who have been approved on the Website, and no further correspondence will be entered into.
    1. As a Mentor –
      1. you will be able to monitor your time, communicate with the Venture Mentee assigned to you and integrate your appointments with the Mentee in a seamless process;
      2. get to share your knowledge and insights with growing ventures and assist entrepreneurs with growing their businesses;
      3. get an opportunity to invest in the portfolio of fast growing ventures and opportunities looked at by Savvy Venture Partners;
    1. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall impose any obligation on the SBV Team to assign a Mentor to the Mentee, nor to assign a Mentee to a Mentor.
    2. The Mentor and Mentee both acknowledge and agree that the Mentee or Mentor assigned by the Team, act as volunteers only.
    3. The Mentee acknowledges and agrees that –
      1. entrepreneurs are expected to commit to a sustained relationship with SVP / SBV Programme and to be professional, open and responsive to the volunteer mentors who work with them. They are also expected to provide SVP, to the best of their ability, with accurate information about their venture.
      2. SBV will be assigning a Mentor to the Mentee and introducing the Mentee to the Mentor within a reasonable time after the application by either the Mentee or Mentor has been approved and a suitable Mentor has been identified;
      3. SBV programme participants will be assigned a mentor. However any other Venture Mentee is not automatically guaranteed a mentorship;
      4. the SBV Team will provide additional business support services to the Mentee in respect of his/her relationship with the Mentor;
      5. Unless otherwise arranged with SVP or the Mentor, the Mentee will be responsible for any and/or all costs incurred in relation to attendance of a mentorship session(s) (“Session”) by the Mentee, including but in no way limited to the cost of accommodation and/or transport to a location determined by the Mentor;
      6. the Mentor is a volunteer, and that neither SBV nor the Mentor shall at any time be obliged to provide or continue to provide any services to the Mentee unless specified under SBV Programmes;
      7. must do his/her best at all times to attend Sessions punctually, to respond to the Mentor in a timely fashion and to conduct the relationship with the Mentor in an ethical and professional manner;
      8. the Mentor shall be under no obligation to extend and/or postpone the time and/or the time period of a Session;
      9. the Mentee shall be obliged to complete tasks and/or assignments set by the Mentor, and to submit them timeously;
      10. no other person other than the Mentee shall be allowed to attend a Session;
      11. the Mentee should behave in a respectful and appropriate manner at all times; and
      12. it remains the Mentee’s responsibility to explore new and innovative ideas, strategies and approaches for the duration of the programme and thereafter.
    4. The Mentor and the Mentee must be available for feedback or interviews as determined by the Team, or SVP from time to time, and respond timeously to emails that are relevant to the Programme.
    5. The Mentor and the Mentee may not publish, post or release without the prior consent of Savvy Venture Partners (i) any information, commentary, content or images (“Statement”) in relation to the Programme, (ii) any information shared by the Mentor to the Mentee, (iii) confidential Information, or (iv) any information released by SBV on any social media platform.
    6. The Mentor-
      1. will be required to pledge time for Sessions with the Venture Mentee;
      2. agrees to honour the number of mentoring hours pledged, as far as is reasonably possible;
      3. agrees to schedule the Sessions which form part of his/her pledged hours within a reasonable period from the date which a Mentee has been assigned to him/her, but by no later than a period of six (6) weeks calculated from the date that a Mentee has been assigned to the Mentor. The Sessions are to be concluded within the SBV Programme;
      4. must conduct his/her relationship with the Mentee in a professional manner and act with reasonable skill and care, as would be expected of a professional person providing advice and guidance to the Mentee; and
      5. shall not, at any time, be obliged to provide or continue to mentor the Mentee, but if and to the extent that the Mentor does so, any mentorship must be provided free of charge.
      6. Rules of engagement
        1. The rules of engagement will be communicated by Savvy Business Village right at the inception of the mentoring relationship. This includes (but is not limited to) –
          1. the length and frequency of Sessions;
          2. agreement on whether it is permissible or not to make email/telephone/text contact concerning mentoring issues between Sessions; and
          3. the responsibility for finding a suitable location for the Session.
    7. Nature of interactions
      1. Both parties (Mentor and Mentee) should –
        1. agree on clear, appropriate and culturally-sensitive boundaries that govern interactions, physical or otherwise; and
        2. avoid any inappropriate interactions and unsuitable conduct towards one another, such as sexual harassment, and take responsibility for creating a safe space for engagement.
    8. Conflict of interest
      1. Neither the Mentor nor the Mentee should exploit the mentorship to gain any inappropriate advantage from the relationship, whether financial or non-financial.
      2. The Mentor and Mentee should avoid conflicts of interest that may arise during the mentorship, whether commercial or personal. The parties should agree to terminate the mentorship if conflict cannot be resolved.
      3. Both the Mentor and the Mentee are under an obligation to disclose any conflict of interest which may arise, openly, and agree to withdraw from the relationship if a conflict arises which cannot be managed effectively.
    9. Professional conduct
      1. Both parties (Mentor and Mentee) –
        1. are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and respectful manner at all times; and
        2. must avoid discrimination on any grounds, including but not limited to discrimination based on race, ethnicity, sexuality, religion and sexual orientation, and will constantly seek to enhance their own awareness of possible areas of discrimination.
      2. The Mentor may encourage the Mentee to terminate the mentorship if it is believed that the Mentee would be served better by another Mentor, or another form of professional assistance. Nothing contained in these terms and conditions shall be construed as imposing any obligation on the Team and Savvy Venture Partners to assign a Mentee to another Mentor in the event that a mentorship has been terminated in accordance with the provisions of this clause 3.10.2.
      3. Both the Mentor and the Mentee understand that their professional responsibilities may continue beyond the termination of the mentorship. These include:
        1. maintaining the confidentiality of all information shared as set out in clause 4 below;
        2. safe and secure maintenance of all related records and data, if applicable;
        3. avoidance of any exploitation of the former relationship; and
        4. provision of any follow-up that has been agreed to.
    1. The Mentor and the Mentee are prohibited from disclosing information of a proprietary, financial, legal, operational, and/or sensitive nature including information pertaining to either party, Savvy Venture Partners, its associates, directors, members, officers, employees, agents, customers, invitees, associates, contractors, sub-contractors, or any other similar category of persons (“Confidential Information”).The Mentor and the Mentee agree to treat all Confidential Information irrespective of the source or the manner in which it was obtained.
    2. The Mentor and the Mentee may not disclose the identity of the other party, unless prior consent has been provided.
    3. If it is uncertain whether any information is to be treated as confidential, you must treat it as such until written consent or clearance is obtained.
    1. The Mentor and Mentee agree thereto that their personal information, as defined by the Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013, (“POPI”) (including photographs and video material ) may be collected, used and disclosed by the Team –
      1. for the purposes of the Challenge; and
      2. in any communications, publications, marketing or promotional activities associated with the Challenge.
    2. You may withdraw your consent to future use and disclosure of personal information in promotional and marketing activities and publications at any time, by written notice to hello@savvypartners.com and, upon receipt of such notice, the Team will take reasonable steps to cease using and disclosing that personal information as soon as is reasonably possible.
    3. A request to access, update or correct any personal information should also be sent to hello@savvypartners.com
    1. To the extent permissible in law –
      1. the Mentor and the Mentee (individually and collectively) indemnify the Team, Savvy Venture Partners (“SVP”) and all associates from and against any loss, damage, costs, expenses and liabilities which the Team, SVP may suffer or incur as a result of or in connection with any claim by any third party arising out of the actions or omissions of the Mentor or Mentee, save to the extent that the legal action or claim arises out of the fraud or gross negligence of SVP or the Team.
      2. SVP and the Team, its associates, directors, members, officers, employees, agents, customers, invitees, associates, contractors, sub-contractors, or any other similar category of persons, shall not be liable for, and the Mentor and the Mentee (individually and collectively) hereby waive and abandon any claims of any nature in respect of losses, costs, damages, injury of whatever nature, suffered or incurred as a direct or indirect result of the programme or participation in the programme.
      3. The Mentee shall not be entitled to claim any and/or all expenses or costs from either the Team or the Mentor, and agrees to take full responsibility for his/her own expenses and any expenses relating to attendance of sessions with the Mentor (“Session”), including all expenses for travel and accommodation.
      4. The Mentor shall not be entitled to claim any expenses of whatsoever nature in relation to the programme from the Team, SVP, or the Mentee.
    1. The Mentor and Mentee may terminate their participation in the Programme at any time by prior written notice to the Team and to the other party.
    2. The Team is entitled to terminate the participation of a Mentor or Mentee in the Challenge, without any reason or penalty, by providing prior written notice to the Mentor or Mentee.
    3. Any term which is expressly or implicitly intended to survive termination of the relationship shall do so.
    4. These terms and conditions shall be governed by South African law, and the courts of South Africa have jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim.