Venture Mentors



Savvy Business Village – Venture Mentors:

Are you an experienced entrepreneur, industry / corporate professional and/or expert looking to contribute to the growth of Small & Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in South Africa and the rest of the African continent? Why not spend an hour or 2 sharing your connections, business and industry insights with SMEs working with Savvy Venture Partners?

We are looking for mentors to join our Savvy Business Village programme and assist our potential and portfolio (investee) companies to grow. If you are currently exposed to or have previous experience working in one or more of the following 6 industries we would to get in touch with you:


  1. Retail and FMCG
  2. Agriculture and Food Markets
  3. ICT (Info, Communication and Tech)
  4. Financial Services and Innovation
  5. Housing and Construction Solutions
  6. Healthcare & Education


To apply to become a SBV Mentor please complete this APPLICATION FORM or email us at and we’ll take the discussion further with you.


 Frequently Asked Questions…

  1. How does the mentoring process work?

Once you have enrolled, SBV will arrange for your first mentoring session. Your first meeting will be with the primary objective of understanding the entrepreneur / venture’s current situation. The discussion is likely to be wide-ranging in order to gain as complete a picture as possible and to identify the most critical action areas. Based on the information developed, SBV may bring in additional mentors and your mentor team will evolve over the next few sessions. Meeting frequency is up to you.

It is important for participating entrepreneurs to realize that mentoring services are educational only. All business decisions remain under the full control of the participating entrepreneur.

2. How are mentor matches arranged?

The formation of a relationship between a mentor and entrepreneur is purely voluntary. The mentors with the help of SBV assign themselves depending on their interests or areas of expertise. Though SBV / SVP is responsible for matching appropriate mentors and entrepreneurs, the decision to form a relationship remains with the prospective mentor and entrepreneur.

3. How do I apply?

To apply, complete and submit our Application Form. All identified proprietary information provided by applicants will be kept strictly confidential by SBV / SVP. Any accompanying materials can be submitted to  – We will review your form and if addition information is required, we will contact you.