Savvy Venture Fund I

The fund is a registered Section 12J VCC (FSP 48248; VCC-0061) in South Africa. It focuses on early stage technology, innovation & consumer investments (mainly in South Africa) between US$100k (ZAR1mil) and US$1 mil (ZAR15 mil). It is set up as a private company in the Republic of South Africa and offers tax resident investors a tax deduction for making the investment in the company. The fund focuses on early stage & emerging, high growth SMEs with a maximum book value of ZAR50 mil.

At least 80% of the fund is invested in South Africa, with individual investments going up to US$1 mil / R15 mil.

Investment Size:

o  Deal Size:  Between ZAR1 mil (or $100,000,  ex SA) and ZAR15 mil (or $1 mil ex SA)

o  Equity Stake / Investment:  20 – 50%

o  Funding Type:  Equity



  • Our focus is on early-stage & emerging, technology / innovation / consumer facing, innovative, high growth companies
  • We invest in 3 key themes that are tap into innovation and solutions for Africa

  • Our 3 themes are then refined into 6 specific sectors  we have chosen to focus on. Our sector focus further strengthens our investment case to support ventures:
    • that have a direct positive impact on society,
    • tap into the positive demographic dividend in Africa,
    • use innovation and technology to tap into / expand markets and
    • offer a chance for early stage investors to earn above average returns.




Invest in the future of Africa and participate in the growth of its top fast-growing & job-creating SMEs!

Invest in Savvy Venture Capital.


Savvy Venture Capital is a Section 12J Venture Capital Company that offers a unique opportunity to earn enhanced returns with limited capital risk featuring:


  • Upfront tax relief of up to 45% (for individuals) and 28% (for companies) in the financial year of investment;
  • Ability to carry forward amount of investment exceeding taxable income as a tax loss in future years;
  • Returns of capital not subject to recoupment if Venture Capital Shares held for at least five years;
  • Experienced Board and Management Team with a successful track record of investment management, driving growth, creating value and managing third party assets;
  • A strong pipeline of opportunities in South Africa;
  • Opportunity to list SavvyVC on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange or Alt X.
  • Targeted annual return of 20%;
  • Annual dividend received by Investor;
  • Investments in a portfolio of emerging businesses operating in 6 consumer focused sectors businesses and operating in South Africa;


  • Investment strategy based on tapping into fast growing, people-facing sectors of the economy:
  1. FMCG (Consumer)
  2. Innovation / FinTech / Technology
  3. Social Touch (Education & Healthcare Solutions)