About Us

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Savvy Venture Partners is a venture capital and business advisory firm based in Johannesburg, SA and Maputo,  Mozambique. The company is a Level 1 B-BBEE contributor and 100% black-owned firm.

In addition to holding its on-balance sheet venture investments, Savvy Venture Partners advises the Savvy Venture Capital Fund I (FSP 48248) which focuses on early stage investments of up to US$1 mil / R15 mil in South Africa, Rest of SADC and selected countries in East Africa.

The business advisory activities are conducted through its Accelerator, Savvy Business Village. Through its internal —Founders (Incubation) Fund, the company holds direct interest in ventures that are still at seed stage. These ideas, projects and companies are held as part of the firm’s on-balance sheet investment portfolio with the average investment size ranging from US$5,000 to US$50,000.



Savvy Business Village advises enterprises on business strategy, finance and technology through our 6-month Accelerator programme. The programmes offer business support for promising start-ups and early stage companies, including possible follow-on investment by our (and other) venture funds.



Vision & Mission



  • To be a leading investor, venture capitalist and business partner in growing African enterprises.


  • To help unlock value in society through entrepreneurial development.
  • To direct global capital towards Africa and further develop capital markets on the continent.
  • To deliver our stated investment objectives and returns for our shareholders,
    partners and investee companies.
  • To offer smart, savvy and strategic business advisory and consulting to our client, portfolio companies and partners.

Our Focus

  • Our focus is on early-stage & emerging, consumer facing, innovative, high growth companies
  • We invest in 3 key themes that are tap into innovation and solutions for Africa

  • Our 3 themes are then refined into 6 specific sectors  we have chosen to focus on. Our sector focus further strengthens our investment case to support ventures:
    • that have a direct positive impact on society,
    • tap into the positive demographic dividend in Africa,
    • use innovation and technology to tap into / expand markets and
    • offer a chance for early stage investors to earn above average returns.