Investment Philosophy

We firmly believe that growing, innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) represent the greatest opportunity to enable inclusive economic growth.

  • SMEs in Africa are typically under-developed and under-funded leaving room for savvy investors to find and develop future sustainable enterprises and corporations.



Investment Size:

o  Deal Size:  From ZAR 100,000 (or $10,000 ex SA) – upwards

o  Equity Stake / Investment:  20 – 80%

o  Funding Type:  Equity  / Mezzanine Debt

o Companies must be early stage but post-revenue

—Initial Investment Criteria:

o  Proven management /founders’ team & concept

o  Strong financial track record (if existing venture)

o  Target turnover growth +20% per year with ROIC > 25%

o  Substantial addressable market

o  Scalable through falling marginal costs

o  Sustainable advantage/disruptive business model

o  Room for deep strategic and operational value add

o  Strong ability to have a positive social impact